The question of whether to move to the cloud is no longer relevant for most organizations. Migrating workloads to the cloud has already become an inevitable requirement for a vast majority of companies regardless of their sizes, and if your organization isn’t doing that already, then it is simply the question of when and how you’ll consider doing so.

So, cloud may be more expensive on a per-unit cost, but that difference can pale next to the investment required to, for example, support large-scale upgrades of legacy technology and supporting facilities. Cloud isn’t an end in itself, but part of a larger digital effort — and operating model transformation — to innovate, deliver digital services to customers or speed up new product development.

This also means that the cloud should be just one component of corporate IT’s operating model transformation. Cloud can’t be expected to deliver top-line digital results without software design and development strategies that connect it to digital business projects. These digital business projects consist of well laid out plans and activities that define the execution and process strategy for the projects.

To design plans and activities that define your execution and process strategies for your projects, we have curated some of the best cloud tools. Explore Our Digital Cloud Tools.

Six steps to a scalable cloud infrastructure

To ensure that cloud delivers true operating model transformation, business teams must take six steps.

Plan: The business team should develop a solid plan for how the cloud will enable business activities and digital initiatives. Explore our curated cloud tools for planning.

Communicate: The business team must educate business partners about the benefits and possible trade-offs of using the cloud. Explore our curated cloud tools for communicating across teams.

Prioritise: Cloud activities should start small and progress iteratively towards high-value projects. In other words, start with less complicated projects or tasks. Explore our curated cloud tools for project management.

Strategise: Craft the cloud architecture tools and models to serve business needs in the most simple and effective way possible.

Modernise: Adjust legacy operations and process models to work in the cloud, not the other way around.

Collaborate: Assemble a staff that has the technical and interpersonal skills required to take advantage of all the cloud can offer.

Each of these steps reflects that cloud isn’t just a change in technology, but an enabler of operating model transformation. To be successful, IT and business leaders must recognise that cloud is ultimately a change in how IT and process infrastructure works to support an evolving set of digital enterprise priorities.

With a clear strategy, budgets, categorisation of applications, prioritisation and staff with the right expertise, you can be sure that your journey in moving your workloads to the cloud will be a pleasant one.

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Advance Your Transformation with Cloud Tools

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