Our Digitalisation Journey
Vilsquare is helping organizations start and scale through digital transformation.


We are connecting Nigerians through our community engagement programs & social impact campaigns that are aimed at empowering and enabling ideas or solutions for new products and services.


We are supporting Nigerian businesses with digital tools to start and scale their back-office activities, storytelling, project management, and corporate development.


We are transforming business processes to improve productivity, cycle times & quality through our world class consultants in process re-engineering, and risk management.

Data & Device

We are enabling businesses design affordable hardware, deploy and connect back-office & field devices into a unified network for cloud computing, data processing & refining, and recommendation.

Discover & Execute Business Strategies in Nigeria
Vilsquare empowers businesses with the right strategies through digital transformation.


Shoot for the impossible by empowering your business processes with cloud tools.


Create magnetizing stories & campaigns about your brand and value proposition.


Activate and grow your business' digital strategy with top-notch experts.