About VoltMicroscope

The VoltMicroscope is a portable and digital microscope, designed and manufactured by Vilsquare to support entry level students and researchers across the globe to continue learning and exploring science at low-cost. Students can easily replicate and experience a bioscience lab at home or school and keep-up with observatory science that connects classroom theory to real-life evidence.

Low-cost to support 1 microscope to 5 students in a 100 student classroom.
Rather than 1 microscope to 100 students in a 100 student classroom.

Some Microbes running around in a drop of drinking water. Now you have the perfect eyes to see tiny in minutes.

Learn science. Explore science. Get curious science. Live science. Love science.

Samples under a VoltMicroscope

More than 50,000 researchers use VoltMicroscope V34e

VoltMicroscope Testimonial: a Labware to power global science education.

Low-cost laboratory equipment. Plugs into any entry-level science curriculum. Portable and low energy digital microscope to get inspired.