National Hackathon Series 1.0: Young creatives converge to build tech aimed at improving educational outcomes

Young creatives from across Nigeria met in Abuja to build tech solutions to issues surrounding SDG 4: Quality Education. Some key solutions developed during the hackathon series include: a device for reporting cases of abuse in schools, and a peer review platform for teachers (See Here). Other notable tech solutions include:

  • An open source data map showing the distribution of available infrastructure in public schools. See Here
  • A mobile app to teach visually impaired students how to read and write in braille.
  • A Web Database for Unifying Academic Publications from Tertiary Institutions
  • A solar powered charger to supply power to small learning devices in schools.
  • A social media advocacy campaign against examination malpractice.

The hackathon, which took place between 29 May – June 1 as part of the National Hackathon Series 1.0 themed “Building the Makers’ Movement”, presents a unique opportunity for young Nigerians from diverse backgrounds to collaboratively work together during the event, with each contributing the skills and knowledge required to achieve the desired results. Participants at this hackathon came from the traditional tech sectors – software and embedded systems design as well as non-traditional sectors including catering, human resources, fashion designing, visual arts,
anthropology, and advocacy.

Obasegun Ayodele, Technical Co-Founder at Vilsquare said “This energy edition presented an opportunity for participants to harness the combined synergy from their individual skills, experiences and the resources available within the Makers’ Hub to produce results. As organisers of this non-competitive hackathon, it gives us great satisfaction to see the amount of collaboration that goes into the work of our Maker teams, proving again that together we can do more. We look forward to sharing these solutions with relevant organisations within the education sector for scaling.”

Mrs Viola Askia-Usoro, Acting Administrator, Digital Bridge Institute who hosted the hackathon said, “The quality of output from the National Hackathon Series 1.0 goes to show that Nigerian youth have the prerequisite creative abilities. All that is required is to determine an effective programme to hone and channel these exciting skills – human and technical, into productive results. DBI is enthusiastic about supporting projects such the National Hackathon Series, that foster unity among Nigerian youth and empower them with the necessary up-scaling needed to position them to provide solutions that would move our nation forward.