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[New Event] The National Hackathon Series to bridge boundaries across Nigerian communities.
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National Hackathon Series 1.0

In the last few decades, Nigeria has been plagued by several socio-cultural problems. These problems have not only taken a toll on her economy, but have managed to continuously strike at the very core of the Nation. From the incessant communal clashes in the south-west and middle belt; the issues with piracy and pipeline vandalism from the Niger-Delta Militants in the south-south; Boko Haram sponsored terrorism and insurgency in the north; the recent clamour for the actualisation of a Biafran Republic in the South-East; and, previously unimagined but fatal clashes between herdsmen and farmers across the country, the previously unified front that is Nigeria appears to be under immense pressure.

Based on these challenging scenarios, Vilsquare Makers' Hub in partnership with The Meluibe Empowerment Foundation has designed a Hackathon series aimed at contributing to creating an enabler platform for national cohesion and integration. The series themed “Building the Makers’ Movement” will bring together diverse community members to conceptualize, design, process and document technical solutions to local problems. The hackathons will take place over a period of two years, beginning from Q3 2018, with each of the geo-political zones in Nigeria hosting the programme at least once.



SDGs Focused Hackathons Across Six Regions in Nigeria
Camping Top 5% Makers

We are bringing together skilled designers in fashion, software, hardware electronics, creative art and graphics to solve some of the toughest problems in Nigeria.

Building a Platform for the Future

Promote a movement of creative people and ultimately drive social change towards openness within communities and institutions.

Unboxing Hidden Networks

Bring together an ensemble of dispersed groups into a cohesive and self-organized community to achieve Nigeria's SDGs and promote tolerance for diversity among young people.

Open Source Projects from National Hackathon Series
Wearable Cigarette Smoke Sensor to Reduce Passive Smoking

At the National Hackathon Series 1.0: Wearables Edition, this project was inspired based on a case study of Mama Bukky… Read More

Wearable Medical Information Logger for Travellers

At the National Hackathon Series 1.0: Wearables Edition, this project was inspired by a case study of Saheed who was… Read More

Wearable Heart Rate Monitor For Pregnant Women

At the National Hackathon Series 1.0: Wearables Edition, this project was inspired based on a case study of Funke Adeyemo… Read More

Hackathon Life-Cycle
Vilsquare Makers' Hub

With teams of 2 - 3 people, and supported by corporate and industry representatives, hacking & prototyping will occur over the course of 72 hours (with time for meals, networking and so much fun too). Prototypes, Research and Documentations created during the hackathon will be compiled into a resource manual which will guide follow-up initiatives for the movement.

Vilsquare Makers' Hub
Pitching Sessions

The hackathon will culminate in a pitching/exhibition session, with the participants showcasing their solutions to industry experts, policy makers and other stake holders. This will birth new frontiers for further research, collaboration and new inclusions for the movement.

Vilsquare Makers' Hub

The hackathon creates a platform where participants meet new people and hopefully make some lasting connections with possible future business partners. Attendees will also learn to tolerate each other and possibly find a common ground. There will be breakout sessions for networking and sharing background experiences. Each hackathon will close with a social party.