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How Vilsquare Makers’ Hub grooms techpreneurs to address social problems

Nigeria faces a plethora of problems. Some require the application of technology, some do not. But many of these problems are underscored by societal challenges including lack of inclusiveness for Nigeria’s vulnerable groups, especially the youth; inadequate provision of public goods, and divisiveness along ethnic and religious lines. These trends are causing a strain on the social lives of Nigerians. The absence of social inclusion has contributed to the surge in insecurity and this is nearly on all the geopolitical zones of the country as young people turn towards crime. Divisiveness is reinforcing negative stereotypes that promote... Read More

Our Feature on Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) Blog

Nigeria: Tackling the SDGs with Open Source Hardware

The first session of the National Hackathon Series -‘Wearables Edition‘- was held last 25-29 July in Ado Ekiti, South-West Nigeria, organised by Vilsquare Makers’ Hub and Meluibe Foundation. The aim of the Series is to combine technology and civic participation towards solving problems around national unity, while working on specific needs. This first edition produced wearable hardware technology prototypes responding to... Read More

Our Feature on smepeaks Blog

Vilsquare Makers’ Hub Launches National Hackathon Series

Vilsquare Makers’ Hub and Meluibe Foundation have designed a National Hackathon Series that aims to combine technology and civic participation, to contribute to solving the problems around national unity in Nigeria, while tackling specific societal goals. This event tagged “Wearables Edition” is... Read More

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