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Find your new competitive edge in penetrating and growing across African markets.
Why we Love data Science and why it's important to you

Over the past 15 years, we have been gathering various data sets about Africa which has formed the basis for our drive for Data Science in Africa. At Vilsquare we believe that data is the life blood and major determining factor for the growth of any organisation. Our strong belief has spurred us to create a company that offers cutting edge Data Science services to help your organization grow.

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, both structured and unstructured. This process is fueled by different data mining techniques which our engineers adopt in a strategic and robust way to discover patterns in large data sets involving methods at the intersection of machine learning, behavioral analytics, psychology, statistics, and database systems.

We understand that Africa is a fast growing continent which spits out billions of data points every second. As such data sets increase in the continent, its important to capture and filter sets that are relevant to the growth of your organisation. The knowledge derived from such relevant data will guide stakeholders in your organisation to make strategic decisions such as finding a perfect market niche, price point, future trends and so on.

In the spirit of Open Data, Vilsquare also provides a bird’s eye view of all open source data currently being captured from Africa and analyzed by our data scientists.

Vilsquare undertakes its community engagement program through The Meluibe Empowerment Foundation.

Our Services that give you the edge
At Vilsquare, we understand that organisations have unique business processes that aren’t always easily mapped to specific technology products. Our goal is to build powerful end-to-end solutions that yield superior productivity, performance, and growth.

As long term partners, our focus is on understanding your existing processes, systems, technology infrastructure and software architecture. This helps us map and articulate the full scope of data flow innovations that could translate into significant bottom line and competitive advantages for you.

Data Science Research &

Our consultants provide strategic and proven techniques for capturing and analysing your business data using machine learning, behavioral analytics and other high growth tools. The insight from the analysis provides your sales team and business developers more understanding about their business playing field.

Customized Tools for Data

We design, implement and deploy custom hardware and software tools for capturing your data and analysing it to determine suitable price points, business re-engineering processes, effective customer acquisition niche and product improvement areas. This will enhance your strategies to make the right decisions.

Customized Information Technology

We will help you navigate the ever-growing options for infrastructure in many areas: data storage, virtualization, networking, security, servers, cloud services, and more. We use our expertise to solve your infrastructure problem, whether designing and building a new environment, modernizing a legacy system, or improving the way your organization handles IT.

Industry Areas using data science
Research and Data Science Consultancy
Internet Companies & Startups

Data Science integration makes these companies create value by taking advantage of the latest advances in AI, developing data driven products and bootstrapping their technology as they learn about their customers along the way. Data Science gives your implementation and strategy team the power to focus on differentiation and the generation of new value opportunities.

Research and Data Science Consultancy
Government & Not-For-Profits

Data Science integration creates the platform for optimization of processes and use of data to meet the growing demands of government agencies that seek to improve the lives of citizens and sustain impeccable governance. It's easier to estimate impact and growth when a government or foundation monitors, understands and responds to the trends in the community.

Research and Data Science Consultancy
Health, Agritech & Insurance

These sectors have been accumulating experience and documentation for years, with data science integration, the health & insurance sector will have the capability for improved quality and access. The agritech sector will have the capability for farm segmentation, classification and monitoring of crops, estimation of yields and detection of incidents.